Sunday, May 11, 2008

Food Storage - Part I

This may be of interest to few of you but I am asked about food storage from time to time and thought it would be good to post about this once.

In order to feed our family of 4 for as little as possible I purchase food on sale or in bulk and use that food storage in our meal plan each week. I've taken some pictures to illustrate.

The above two pictures are mostly canned goods, box mixes and pastas purchased as loss leaders at the local grocery store. None are organic. Most have been purchased for $0.50 or less as I shop the loss leaders and use coupons. I only buy when items are on sale AND I have a coupon.

The above picture includes my #10 cans, health and beauty, infrequently used appliances and cookware.

I purchase the #10 cans from Emercency Essentials and Honeyville Grains. The cans contain dehydrated milk, meats and vegetables. I know it sounds unappetizing, however when making a soup these ingredients do come in handy. Since we don't drink milk, I like to have dehydrated milk on hand for baking.

The health and beauty is purchased almost exclusively from CVS for little cash. I use their Extra Care Bucks system. I purchase items for little cash and store them for use later. I have plenty of Fels Naptha for making laundry detergent.

The above are items used for cleaning. I make most of our cleaning supplies but hold on to some commercial products for hard to clean jobs. I use these products rarely. I make most of my cleaners from vinegar. I buy vinegar from CVS when on deep discount or from Costco. The last picture is paper plates (camping, eating out of doors), batteries and confiscated toys :)

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