Saturday, March 22, 2008

Have You Considered a Career in Vermiculture?

We are exploring vermiculture. Ewwww! Here are the steps to creating your own worm farm.

Step One: Go to the City and purchase a $5 Rubbermaid tub with holes drilled in it. Hey, I know you can do that at home, but the City calls this a Worm Bin and will give you lots of brochures and crayons and toy trash cans if you buy one from them. Kids love this stuff so it's worth the 5 bucks.

Step Two: Gather the kids. Worms like bedding. We shredded newspaper.

Step Three: Worms like a nice moist home, don't you? Pour in a cup of water and toss that newspaper salad.

Step Four: Gather your womrs. Here are the worms. We bought them at the local garden supply.

Step Five: Prepare the worms. This part is easy, simply remove the lid. The worms are ready to move.

Step Six: Pour the little guys in, gently. Here are the worms in their new home.

Step Seven: Feed the little worms.


Medusa said...

Hey Eileen,
I A going through a Growth spurt?

He looks a little loopy....I'm guessing that either is or will be.

Sorry for the former post. I forgot. I'll remember next time.

Mrs. Garner said...

Yes, both kiddos are growing like crazy. A. is keeping ahead of R. by 1/4". Fortunately shorts weather is here so I don't have to worry about pants becoming too short :)