Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Friend in Vinegar

I saw this post on Sassykats blog. Ahh, well I do love my vinegar. It's a great cleaner and fabric softener. How wonderful to see someone is as fond of vinegar as myself, but I suspect even more so. Here is the link and the post

Sometimes I'm a poet...
Oh, vinegar, vinegar, my sour little friend

I love the way you clean for me; for the chores you gently tend!

I poured you in my teapot last night and turned the heat on high

As you toiled and boiled in my copper pot, I gave a thankful sigh.

"Mom, what's that smell?!" *cough* *gag* "My eyes are starting to water!"

(Our little guys do not realize that any drama will become my blog fodder!)

And then, dear vinegar, you soon dwindled and my teapot was bright and clean

I happily rinsed my pot and prepared a spot of tea~ named for Catherine the Queen!

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