Saturday, March 22, 2008

Birthday Time

A. has his 5th birthday this weekend. His Nana D. and Grandpa L. sent him a card and some birthday money. We went to the toystore to go shopping for a battery operated robot. No such thing was in stock so A. selected a variety of goodies. Before we get too far ahead, here is R. with his gift for being so patient in the toystore. It's a squishy, light-up UFO ball. It's fantastic!

Here is A. with his toys, 3 Bionicles, a 3-D dinosaur puzzle in an egg and a knight's sword with sheath!!

Now, I'm not a Bionicle building variety mom. I'm more of a cookie-baking, hey let's play ball in the backyard kind of mom. All those tiny parts and those instruction books just don't work for me. Big A. is the go-to guy when it comes to building models. Here is A. waiting for his Dad to come home. He sat here for hours!


Above is baby A at one month of age. Hey baby!

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