Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's My Birthday!!!

WooHoo!! It's my birthday, well yesterday! I'm 38 which has been really great so far. 37 felt a bit stale, hmm. 38 seems like a fresh year.

I'm kinda excited about having received some birthday money. I'm leaning toward buying an electric food processor. I only have a manual food processor. It's great but, you know, it is 2008.

Now my husband and the boys gave me the most amazing gifts.

This was gifty number one from the guys, a garden kneeler. My son A says this will help me "to get close to the thing I'm gardening." He's so right. In addition it will cut down on the comments from people driving by the house such as "Nice butt." I obviously need the kneeling pad, okay. I can admit that.

Now ladies, I bet you're as surprised as I was when I found out that there are garden fashion accessories for the lady gardener. The men folk also gave me this garden tote. It has a zipper compartment in the middle, two open compartments on either side of that and these exterior pockets. Now to make this gift even sweeter, well the one they gave me was PINK! You know this means that hubby won't fill it with plumbing tools! I'm so stoked!! I'm going to call this my gardening purse!

This is called a hori hori. This ladies is a knife for you!!!! Whoa! I never knew I wanted a knife until I received this one! This has a million uses in the garden. It digs holes for bulbs, it cuts away stubborn weeds, it's uses just go on! I admit this was my favorite gift.

Of course there was a celebration, I'm not just into the gifts, really but that was where the pictures came in so I started there to keep you reading. Okay, my oldest son wanted me to have a Power Ranger party and I wanted a garden tea party. Since we couldn't agree we simply winged it. My hubby got off work early and we went to eat at a restaurant. This is a rare occurrence in our home. We went out for Mexican and I even drank a margarita! I made it through the whole thing; I was celebrating! Then we came home for cherry pie. I'm not a cake girl, never have been; I adore fruit pie. Anyway that was my birthday. It was great and I'm thoroughly recharged and ready to tackle my chores this Saturday.


The Feasters said...

Happy Birthday! Fun gifts!

Shirley "EdenMaker" said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I enjoyed reading about your family and lifestyle. You love your life- a gal after my own heart!
Thanks for visiting the EdenMaker Blog!
Shirley Bovshow

Mrs. Garner said...

Shirley, thanks for stopping at my my blog; I'm glad you liked it. I hope to have a post soon showing off some ripe tomatoes. I very much enjoy your gardening blog byt the way. I think we'll soon see many, many more people gardening soon.

Shirley "EdenMaker" said...

I certainly hope so. The more the merrier!

Shirley "EdenMaker" said...

Thanks. I hope more people do start gardening- it is such a stress reliever and a wonderful pasttime.