Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The $0.01 Cherry Pitter

All you need is a straw and an incredible hand model.

Score the bottom of the cherry with the straw.

Slide the straw over the stem then score and push.

Out goes the pit.

I came up with this solution for pitting cherries as we received a bunch of organic cherries in our CSA basket last Saturday. Okay, I don't let the kiddos eat cherries with pits. I just have nightmares of little boys jumping on top of the backs of dining chairs while they choke. I think they teach that in preschool, right. Anyway, normally I solve this problem by waiting for the kids to go to bed, taking the cherries to my bedroom and eating all of them myself while watching Masterpiece Theater or some other worthwhile program. Ahh, peace and quiet.

For some reason, I had my fill of the cherries and decided I would share "my" cherries with the boys, but had to pit them quickly (didn't want to spend all day on it like when I was shelling peas, arghh) and frugally (I wasn't going to buy a gadget). I confess the truth, I waited until my husband was out with one of the boys so I only had to share them with the other boy, but I did pit them first. Good mommy!

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