Monday, February 18, 2008

Who Ya Gonna Call - CLUMP BUSTERS!

Today we added some soil to our new raised garden bed. Big A. assembled the bed using premade corners. Here are the corners now!

Everyone participated.

A. was the designated clump buster. See that clump right there? It's about to be destroyed!

I was the dirt leveler in charge as well as documentarian and R. was my trusty assistant. He took his role quite seriously.

Big A. was the dirt dumper. He's so strong. He wowed us by carrying 6 bags of stinky dirt to our work site.

Voila! The dirt is in place! We have about 4 inches of dirt and need another 4 inches before planting.


Lori4squaremom said...

How exciting!!!! Hey, we are going to be coming down and going to Disneyland on Mother's Day weekend....would love to see you guys, if we can work it out. Would LOVE to see your raised beds :) And of course see the family too, IF we can work it out :)

Love ya!

PS tell "Big A" and the littles that we said Hey :)

Mrs. Garner said...


We have your trip on our calendar and can see you at DLand or at our place.