Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Huh, Creative Math Learner, What?

The more I learn about giftedness and education, the more I come across all kinds of new lingo. It seems A. is a Creative Math Learner type of kid meaning he learns through story and application rather than worksheets. I want to be one too! It sounds like so much fun. Well, when I was at the CAG Conference I was quite unimpressed with the exhibits except for King Joe. King Joe is a set of texts that are in storybook form. I purchased the text that teaches problem solving and it is a huge hit. Both boys love this story and beg for more. At some point I may order the remaining texts.


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Medusa said...

I think I was the same way. I am not an abstract thinker. I needed to know a reason. Just working problems didn't help me at all. Math didn't make sense to me until I took Statistics....then it came together. I needed a story, a practical "thing" to relate to.